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Mia Mooko (she/her) is a Korean and Japanese American actor and singer-songwriter. Though she is based in NYC, Mia was bornand raised in Seattle where she developed her love of evergreen trees and calm rainy days. 

She moved all the way across the country to give the East Coast a whirl, and is now graduating with a BFA in Musical Theatre at Pace University.

Mia's love of performing was evident since the early age of five when she would use building blocks to make a stage for her to stand on as she sang to her preschool peers. Since then, she has performed at various theaters in the Seattle and New York area, as well as various summerstock theaters across the country. 

Aside from theater, she has and is excited to continue dabbling in film and music. She is currently releasing her original music as an independent artist. In her spare time she enjoys keeping up her Wordle streak, cooking/baking for her favorite people and spending an embarrassing amount of time curating the perfect playlist. 

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